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Use localhost ports instead of unix paths for services to prevent SELinux failures. • 3 years ago
SELinux limits access to processes so that rogue/malicious ones cannot cause havoc; however, even when instructed to allow Cupola to use UNIX path sockets, SELinux would still disable access; changing Cupola services to use `` means it is using automatically allowed SELinux HTTP controls.
Group events need to be unique across message and project ID. • 3 years ago
Fix incorrect event group selection. • 3 years ago
When checking for event groups, the project ID wasn't included in the query, meaning any event group that matched the error message was used instead of that for the project. Preload application to reduce RAM use and prefix the API to receive POSTs correctly.
Fix incorrect project creation and add initial user setup to • 3 years ago
Fix incorrect user/group names and paths for rq worker services. • 3 years ago
Add separate API systemd files. • 3 years ago
Initial working release of cupola. • 3 years ago