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  1. {% extends "_base.html" %}
  2. {% block page_content %}
  3. <div class="uk-container uk-margin">
  4. <h1>
  5. Lapwing.Org Privacy Policy
  6. <small class="uk-text-meta uk-text-small">
  7. Last updated: {{ datestamp_privacy }}
  8. </small>
  9. </h1>
  10. <p class="uk-text-lead">
  11. We use your personal data to provide services and software from {{ site_name }}.
  12. </p>
  13. <article>
  14. <section>
  15. <h2 class="uk-heading-divider">Your rights</h2>
  16. <p>
  17. You have a number of rights that can be exercised with our use of your personal data, including;
  18. </p>
  19. <ul class="uk-list uk-list-bullet">
  20. <li>
  21. <span class="uk-text-bold">right to be informed</span>:
  22. what, how and why we use your personal data
  23. </li>
  24. <li>
  25. <span class="uk-text-bold">right of access</span>
  26. you can request a copy of the personal data we hold on you
  27. </li>
  28. <li>
  29. <span class="uk-text-bold">right to rectification</span>
  30. any data we hold on you should be accurate, and where it is not,
  31. you can have us correct it
  32. </li>
  33. <li>
  34. <span class="uk-text-bold">right to erasure</span>
  35. you can request we delete any personal data we have on you
  36. </li>
  37. <li>
  38. <span class="uk-text-bold">right to restrict processing</span>
  39. if you make a complaint to us about our use of your personal data,
  40. we will stop using your data until we have concluded your complaint
  41. </li>
  42. <li>
  43. <span class="uk-text-bold">right to data portability</span>
  44. you can ask for a copy of your data that can be used in another service
  45. </li>
  46. <li>
  47. <span class="uk-text-bold">right to object</span>
  48. you can object to our processing of your personal data,
  49. and we will respond to the complaint
  50. </li>
  51. <li>
  52. <span class="uk-text-bold">rights related to automated decision making</span>
  53. if we use your personal data in automated decision making,
  54. you have the right to request a review of any decisions made by the automated process
  55. </li>
  56. </ul>
  57. <p>
  58. If you have provided consent for us to use your personal data,
  59. you have the right to retract that consent at any point.
  60. </p>
  61. <p>
  62. If you think we have not respected your personal data rights,
  63. you can contact the <a href="">UK Information Commissioners' Office</a>,
  64. or your local data protection authority, to lodge a complaint.<br/>
  65. You are also allowed to pursue normal legal remedies through the UK courts.
  66. </p>
  67. </section>
  68. <section>
  69. <h2 class="uk-heading-divider">Contact us</h2>
  70. <p>
  71. If you have updates, objections or other inquiries about our use of your personal data,
  72. please email Sam Black, the {{ site_name }} data controller,
  73. using <a href=""></a>.
  74. </p>
  75. </section>
  76. <section>
  77. <h2 class="uk-heading-divider">How we use your data</h2>
  78. <p>
  79. We use your personal data for our legal obligations under UK law,
  80. our legitimate interests listed below,
  81. or where you have given explicit consent for us to process your personal data.
  82. </p>
  83. <p>
  84. Our legitimate interests to process your personal data are:
  85. </p>
  86. <ul class="uk-list uk-list-bullet">
  87. <li>
  88. to provide the services or software you wish to access,
  89. such as an email address to create an account
  90. </li>
  91. <li>
  92. to respond to communications from you, via email, telephone or other methods
  93. </li>
  94. <li>
  95. to ensure copyright is recorded for code or content you send to us,
  96. using your email address and name to provide the appropriate attribution
  97. </li>
  98. <li>
  99. to ensure the security of our services,
  100. where we check for malicious behaviour from IP addresses and
  101. restrict access to our services
  102. </li>
  103. <li>
  104. to monitor the operation and performance of our services,
  105. using your IP address to determine your country or
  106. corresponding with you to fix faults with our services
  107. </li>
  108. </ul>
  109. <p>
  110. We use third parties that may collect your personal data, these are listed below.<br>
  111. We do not otherwise transfer, sell, acquire or otherwise use your personal data with third parties.
  112. </p>
  113. <p>
  114. You can read more detailed information about how we use your data below.
  115. </p>
  116. </section>
  117. </article>
  118. <article>
  119. <h2 class="uk-heading-divider">Details of data processing by {{ site_name }}</h2>
  120. <section>
  121. <p>
  122. {{ site_name }} operates principally from the UK,
  123. as is subject to the laws and regulations of the UK.<br>
  124. We may use your personal data for our legal obligations under UK law,
  125. or to assist with law enforcement activities where legally required to do so.
  126. </p>
  127. </section>
  128. <p>The following are a detailed list of legitimate interests for our use of your personal data.</p>
  129. <section>
  130. <h3 class="uk-heading-line"><span>Provision of services</span></h3>
  131. <p>
  132. To provide some services, an email address is required to be able to log in to {{ site_name }}.<br/>
  133. We use this email address, and your IP address,
  134. to provide services and information related to your account, such as:
  135. </p>
  136. <ul class="uk-list uk-list-bullet">
  137. <li>
  138. authenticate your log in, and check for unauthorised access to your account
  139. </li>
  140. <li>
  141. to provide security information about your account,
  142. such as password resets, or notifications of changes to your account
  143. </li>
  144. <li>
  145. send your notifications of interactions on our services,
  146. such as other users responding to your comments
  147. </li>
  148. </ul>
  149. <p>
  150. We will keep this data until 6 months after the last log in or other communication from you,
  151. then, after contacting you to confirm deletion,
  152. if we receive confirmation or no reply,
  153. we will delete your email address and associated personal data.
  154. </p>
  155. </section>
  156. <section>
  157. <h3 class="uk-heading-line"><span>Responding to correspondence</span></h3>
  158. <p>
  159. If you contact us, we will need to keep your
  160. email address, telephone number or other contact information
  161. to allow us to respond to your queries or comments.
  162. </p>
  163. <p>
  164. We will keep your personal data for up to 1 month after the last communication,
  165. to allow us to determine if we have adequately fulfilled the correspondence.
  166. </p>
  167. </section>
  168. <section>
  169. <h3 class="uk-heading-line"><span>Record of copyright</span></h3>
  170. <p>
  171. Content submissions, such as source code, images or video, are automatically copyrighted,
  172. and to allow for proper attribution, an email address is used for contacting the author.
  173. </p>
  174. <p>
  175. We will keep this data for the lifetime of the copyrighted work.
  176. </p>
  177. </section>
  178. <section>
  179. <h3 class="uk-heading-line"><span>Security of services</span></h3>
  180. <p>
  181. Your IP address is collected when you connect to {{ site_name }},
  182. and this is logged with the date and time, the nature of your connection,
  183. and other information specific to the service.<br/>
  184. This data is deleted after 7 days.
  185. </p>
  186. <p>
  187. The logged data is processed to determine if the connection is attempting to
  188. access the service in a malicious, disruptive, or otherwise harmful manner, and if so,
  189. the IP address is restricted or blocked from accessing {{ site_name }}. <br/>
  190. These IP addresses are stored for up to 1 month to enforce the restriction and
  191. limit the harm caused to {{ site_name }},
  192. and, if they have not tried to access {{ site_name }} maliciously again,
  193. the IP address is deleted.
  194. </p>
  195. </section>
  196. <section>
  197. <h3 class="uk-heading-line"><span>Monitoring and improvement</span></h3>
  198. <p>
  199. Your IP address is collected when you connect to a {{ site_name }},
  200. and this is logged, along with what information you requested.
  201. </p>
  202. <p>
  203. We use the IP address to determine the country you are connecting from,
  204. and store the country, along with non identifiable information from the connection,
  205. such as application type, language, information requested, and time taken to process the request.<br>
  206. We do not store your IP address once the country has been determined,
  207. and your IP address is removed from the logs after 7 days.
  208. </p>
  209. <p>
  210. This allows us to check popularity, performance,
  211. and areas where we can improve in the future
  212. for users of {{ site_name }}.
  213. </p>
  214. <p>
  215. The logged data may also be processed to assess any technical faults with our services,
  216. and your personal data will only be kept until we have fixed the fault,
  217. or we do not need your personal information to fix the fault.<br>
  218. We may use your email address, or other contact information,
  219. to correspond with you to check if we've fixed the problem.
  220. </p>
  221. </section>
  222. <section>
  223. <h2 class="uk-heading-divider">Third Party Data Processing</h2>
  224. <p>
  225. {{ site_name }} use <a href="">OVH</a> for hosting {{ site_name }},
  226. and are a Data Processor for {{ site_name }}.<br/>
  227. OVH policies are available for:
  228. </p>
  229. <ul class="uk-list uk-list-bullet">
  230. <li><a href="">General policies</a></li>
  231. <li><a href="">GDPR policy for Data Processing</a></li>
  232. </ul>
  233. </section>
  234. </article>
  235. <article>
  236. <h2 class="uk-heading-divider">Cookies</h2>
  237. <p>
  238. We use "cookies", small blobs of text stored on your computer by your browser,
  239. to identify you with our services.<br>
  240. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.
  241. </p>
  242. <p>
  243. These cookies are strictly necessary for our services to operate correctly,
  244. and are only used when you have an account with our service,
  245. and provide:
  246. </p>
  247. <ul class="uk-list uk-list-bullet">
  248. <li>personalization options</li>
  249. <li>account preferences</li>
  250. <li>log in security</li>
  251. </ul>
  252. <p>
  253. You can set your browser to block these cookies,
  254. but some parts of oru services will not work.
  255. </p>
  256. <p>
  257. If you want to learn more about cookies,
  258. please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.
  259. </p>
  260. </article>
  261. </div>
  262. {% endblock %}