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Sam Black 5 years ago
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<a href="/legal.html">
<a href="/legal.html" rel="copyright">
<img alt="Creative Commons Licence" src="/img/cc-by-sa.png" />
{{ site_name }} &copy; Copyright 2012-{{ current_year }} Sam Black

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{% extends "_base.html" %}
{% set projects = (
("Vowel", "Virtual Online Workspace for Education and Learning.", "https://code.lapwing.org/vowel/vowel"),
("Sponson", "Sponson is a tool to create and setup systemd-nspawn containers in a Docker-like way, without using Docker.",
) %}
{% block page_content %}
<div class="container">
<div class="jumbotron">
<h1 class="lapwing">{{ site_name }}</h1>
<blockquote class="blockquote-reverse">
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<h1 class="uk-heading-hero uk-visible@m lapwing">{{ site_name }}</h1>
<blockquote class="uk-margin-medium-left uk-margin-medium-right">
We are all agreed that your theory is crazy.<br />
The question that divides us is whether it is crazy enough
to have a chance of being correct.
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<div class="uk-container uk-margin">
<div class="uk-child-width-expand@m uk-grid-match uk-grid-margin-small" data-uk-grid>
{% for title, text, link in projects %}
<div class="uk-card uk-card-default">
<div class="uk-card-header">
<h3 class="uk-card-title">{{ title }}</h3>
<div class="uk-card-body uk-height-small">
{{ text }}
<div class="uk-card-footer">
<a href="{{ link }}" class="uk-button uk-button-text uk-float-right">Read more</a>
{% endfor %}
{% endblock %}