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Changes: - Added bus.request_name() and deprecated own_name(). - Added dbus_context kwarg to exported methods. - Added Polkit support. - Added pure-Python implementation of DBus.Properties interface. - Added timeout kwarg to multiple methods. - Added pydbus.connect(). - Moved tests and examples out of the package. - Fixed multiple bugs.
Changes: - Fixed a regression occuring if an object exports a parameter name which isn't a valid Python identifier.
Release 0.5. We're mostly feature complete! • 3 years ago
Skipping 0.4, as it was supposed to be a release with only the expose() method; and this is a much bigger release. Changes from 0.3: - Property access for proxy objects. - Object publication support. - Single return values are no longer wrapped in a tuple. - Reorganization of proxy object code. - Increase of default timeout from 10ms to 1s. - Even better help() integration. - Tutorial.
New features: - Signal support. - Own_name and watch_name return context managers. - Better object names.