University projects
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Sam Black's University Work

= About
This repository contains most of the work I have done for my Interactive
Systems course over the past 5 years.

= Contact
Email Sam Black: samwwwblack AT lapwing DOT org

= Usage
Feel free to use my work as outlined in the licences section below.

= Plagiarism
Most Universities and colleges now run plagiarism checkers on student
submissions to ensure the work is their own.
Rest assured, your tutors can use Google search just as well as you
can; if you've found my work and intend to just "copy paste" without
giving proper attribution, then YOU WILL PROBABLY GET CAUGHT.
If you do use my works in your submission, make sure it is correctly
attributed, referenced and commented/quoted as my work. Using other
peoples work WHEN PROPERLY ATTRIBUTED is the academic method.

= Licences
The works are (c) Copyright Sam Black 2004-2009.

Most code is either licenced under the GPL3 or GPL2.
Please refer to individual code files for their licence.

Documents/images/videos/other media are licenced under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales