#23 Change presentation editor layout
Opened 3 years ago by samwwwblack. Modified 2 years ago

Current presentation editor is poorly laid out, eg the slide changer is a row of buttons below the editor text area.

- Make the editor textarea larger
- Make it more WYSIWYG to aid layout changes
- Assist with text selection
- Highlight transitions/animations better
- Ordering
- Type
- Mobile viewing
- Ability to add subslides
- Slides overview
- Scrollable list on the left
- Show subslides
- No overflows!

Metadata Update from @samwwwblack:
- Issue tagged with: bug, enhancement

2 years ago

Some improvements have been achieved with UIKit3.

Metadata Update from @samwwwblack:
- Issue close_status updated to: None

2 years ago

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