= Booking Activities Silicon (BASilicon)

Booking Activities Silicon (BASilicon) is a fork of Booking Activites 1.4 (1.4, hence Silicon, element 14), as 1.5 stopped supporting guest accounts from booking activities, which adds a larger burden on users for GDPR compliance.


BASilicon is not compatible with Booking Activities, and plugins will not work with BASilicon.

== Upstream

Upstream developers are

== Licence

GPLv3 or later, see licence.txt

== Information

Contributors: bookingactivities, Sam Black Tags: booking activities, booking sport, booking form, event reservation, reservation schedule Requires at least: 3.6 Tested up to: 4.9 Requires PHP: 5.3 Stable tag: 1.4.4 License: GPLv3 or later License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

Reservation system specialized in activities: sports, leisure, courses, events, tourism, cultural, and yours! Works great with WooCommerce.

== Requirements

  • WordPress: 3.6 or later
  • PHP: 5.3 or later
  • WooCommerce: 3.x or later
  • Booking Activities can be used without WooCommerce

== Changelog

=== Booking Activities 1.4.4 - 2018/04/06

  • Tweak - Changed events list CSS in "Pick a group of events" dialog
  • Tweak - Added a scrollbar in groups of events list in calendar editor
  • Fix - Cannot move, resize or delete an event even if all its bookings are cancelled
  • Fix - Show error message when no event is selected
  • Fix - Calendars cannot close later than 2037-12-31 because of year 2038 bug