WooCommerce POS

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Development repository for WooCommerce POS - the Point of Sale plugin for WooCommerce.


Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility

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If you would like to help translate WooCommerce POS into your language please check out the WooCommerce POS Language Packs repository.

Developing locally

WooCommerce POS is a WordPress plugin which requires WordPress 3.8+ and WooCommerce 2.2+.

To develop the plugin locally you will first have to set up a local server with WordPress and WooCommerce installed. If this is your first time setting up a local development environment you may want to check out Varying Vagrant Vagrants or Chassis.


Navigate to your local wp-content/plugins directory and clone the project. The recursive flag will init and update any submodules.

git clone --recursive woocommerce-pos

Then, navigate into the root directory of the project and install the dependencies.

cd woocommerce-pos && npm install

Building the project

Once you have installed the project you will have all the files necessary to build and customise the plugin. Build tasks are automated by Grunt.

grunt dev

To create a minified version of the project ready to deploy, use:

grunt deploy

This will create a zip archive of the plugin which you can then install via your WordPress admin.