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yoan_cutillas f5c6f36236 ** Booking Activities 1.7.11 **
* Fix - Cannot update WC cart item quantity for non-activity items
* Fix - Hide booking actions in WC emails (undesired display when more than 1 item)
2019-11-02 11:25:42 +01:00
Yoan Cutillas 5b74279c45 ** Booking Activities 1.5.8 **
* Fix - Hidden fields were shown after hitting "Make a new booking" button
* Fix - "Generate Password" option prevented the form to be sent (password field not focusable)
* Fix - PHP error when updating a recurring event if the new range doesn't include all booked occurences
* Fix - WC orders bookings status were not change with WooCommerce < 3.0.0
* Fix - Remove corrupted cart items bookings when they are removed from cart
* Fix - Update auto refund process to WC 3.0+ way (kept backward compatibility)
* Fix - Booking groups status stayed 'in_cart' if they were added to cart after a single booking
* Dev - Add hooks to give control over WC cart item restored (when bound to a booking)
* Dev - Add hooks to change notification data before they are sent or prevent them to be sent
2018-09-28 17:08:54 +02:00
Yoan Cutillas ade23c957e ** Booking Activities 1.5.4 **
* Tweak - Add the refund coupon code in customers' booking list
* Fix - Inconsistency between cart items and bookings when the same event is booked twice from different products / variations
* Fix - Couldn't save some Login / Registration field options
* Fix - On/off checkboxes may not be saved on position off after closing the dialog once
* Fix - Bookings numbers were not refreshed after form submission
* Fix - Tooltip not working after rescheduling a booking in the backend
* Fix - Booking list pagination didn't keep filters while jumping to a specific page
* Fix - Booking filter values of "calendars" and "activities" didn't appear as selected when they are
* Fix - Order item meta may not be updated while updating booking status, refunding and rescheduling
* Fix - Make sure booking or booking order item exists before anything to avoid PHP errors
* Fix - PHP warning: Unknown is_new_order offset while sending a notification after a booking status changed
* Dev - Add the form_id to booking data to know from which form the booking was made
* Dev - Add filters for the booking list: in__booking_id and in__booking_group_id
2018-06-30 18:50:39 +02:00
Yoan Cutillas 592e7dc97d ** Booking Activities 1.5.0 **
* Feature - Customizable booking forms !
* Feature - You can now delete your bookings and your booking groups from the booking list
* Feature - You can display past events on frontend, they can be bookable or not
* Feature - Responsive default calendar view: display day view for small calendars instead of week view (set the threshold in settings)
* Tweak - Add a "Product" column in booking list (if the reservation was made with WooCommerce)
* Tweak - Add a dismissible admin notice to inform that WooCommerce "guest checkout" option isn't supported
* Tweak - Use core dashicons instead of additional images in backend
* Tweak - When to load the events? setting now also apply to product variation if a default variation is set
* Fix - Booking groups sometimes not appearing in booking list
* Fix - Show / Hide columns according to page options in booking list after a row is refreshed
* Fix - Booking list pagination didn't allow to jump to a specific page
* Fix - Couldn't drag and drop activities in calendar editor with touch devices
* Fix - PHP warning during AJAX request which needs to create an instance of the Booking List
* Fix - PHP warning when deleting a non-booking order item in the admin panel
* Fix - PHP warning sometimes occurs before sending a notification
* Fix - If the snap frequency was 00:00, it wasn't possible to drop an event on the calendar editor
* Fix - Woocommerce 2.6 backward compatibility various checkout issues
* **Breaking change** - Refund actions in Booking Activities settings must be set again
2018-05-05 18:17:09 +09:00
Yoan Cutillas 434b3e6d2e ** Booking Activities 1.2.1 **
* Feature - Added a snap frequency option in editor to place your events at precise timeslot
* Lib - Updated FullCalendar to 3.6.2 and Moment JS to 2.19.1
* Tweak - Wordpress 4.9 support
* Tweak - A button allowing users to make a new booking now appears after a successful booking form submission
* Fix - Now you can edit events on touch devices (click replaces mouseover)
* Fix - Fixed events that shouldn't appear / should appear on frontend calendars according to your timezone
* Fix - Fixed deactivated calendar / activities / events appearing on frontend if the shortcode didn't specified calendar and activities ids
* Fix - Prevent users to book duplicated bookings by pressing multiple times on the "Book" button
* Fix - Fixed notification tag "{booking_title}"
* Fix - Fixed multilingual event title in notification always showing in site's language
* Fix - Fixed bookacti_hourly_event WP cron job triggered multiple times
* Fix - Fixed JS fatal error when trying to format duration for event list
* Dev - Many refactoring in notifications in anticipation of Notification Pack add-on release. See below.
* Dev - Functions and hooks related to notifications have undergone changes. Please check the source code if you use them.
* Dev - bookacti_display_field now support radio and textarea and you can add these to editor setting dialogs
* Dev - PHP filter Tweak - bookacti_messages have a new $raw parameter
2017-11-17 17:24:51 +09:00
Yoan Cutillas 7682fa8fc6 = 1.1.0 - 2017/07/16 =
* Optimization - Calendars are now loaded faster and on page load (possibility to load after page load in Booking Activities settings)
* Feature - Manage groups of events! You can group events and make your customer book a bundle of events instead of a single one.
* Feature - Bind multiple calendars and activities to one product in WooCommerce!
* Feature - Choose the default booking status after a customer complete the booking form or a WooCommerce order.
* Feature - Calendars events are now related to your business timezone, and no longer to users' timezone. Customers around the world cannot see / book a past event because of time offset.
* Tweak - You can change your calendars period regardless of the bookings already done
* Fix - Apostrophe characters in template / activity / events names are now correctly displayed
* Fix - Dates are now translated everywhere
* Fix - Copy a shortcode in calendar editor now copy only plain text, no more undesired html
* Fix - Cart expiration is now checked on each page load. This means that you cart counter will now always be up to date.
* Fix - Fixed booking method checks in JS files (misuse of inArray)
* Fix - Fixed permission error after closing a dialog in template editor
* Fix - All global JS variables are stored in bookacti object in order to avoid collisions
* Delete - Removed trashes from editor, to delete calendars, activities and events please use their respective settings dialogs
* Delete - Deleted events 'occurrence id' since it is not a relevant identifier. All events can be identified by id + start + end datetimes.
* Delete - Deleted unused bookings global actions
* Delete - bookacti_display_booking_system() function replaced by bookacti_get_booking_system() which MUST be used to display a booking system
* Dev - A lot of hooks has been changed, added or removed. Please go to the website for the [complete changelog](
2017-08-08 16:44:04 +10:00
Yoan Cutillas cf00ad5a72 Initial commit 2017-03-26 14:46:43 +09:00