Show opening hours for a site
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namespace MABEL_BHI_LITE
use MABEL_BHI_LITE\Controllers\Admin_Controller;
use MABEL_BHI_LITE\Controllers\Shortcode_Controller;
use MABEL_BHI_LITE\Controllers\Widgets_Controller;
use MABEL_BHI_LITE\Core\Config_Manager;
use MABEL_BHI_LITE\Core\Language_Manager;
use MABEL_BHI_LITE\Core\Registry;
use MABEL_BHI_LITE\Core\Settings_Manager;
class Business_Hours_Indicator
* @var Language_Manager language manager.
protected $language_manager;
* Business_Hours_Indicator constructor.
* @param $dir string
* @param $url string
* @param $slug string
* @param $version string
public function __construct($dir, $url, $plugin_base, $name, $version)
// Init meta info.
Config_Manager::init($dir, $url, $plugin_base, $version, MABEL_BHI_LITE_SETTINGS, $name);
public function run()
// Init translations.
$this->language_manager = new Language_Manager();
// Init settings with defaults.
'openline'=> "We're open",
'closedline'=> "Sorry, we're closed",
'closedsoonline'=> "Closing in {x} minutes",
'opensoonline'=> "Opening in {x} minutes",
'includetime' => false,
'includeday' =>false,
'output'=> 'table',
'includespecialdates' => false,
'includevacations' => false
// Kick off admin page.
new Admin_Controller();
// Register shortcodes
new Shortcode_Controller();
// Widgets
new Widgets_Controller();
// Kick off!